Admin Panel's Logo and Branding

For the installation of the Admin Panel, this documentation has provided an easy and precompiled installation mode. However, this does not limit your ability to customize the panel according to the specific requirements of most customers. In the following section, you will be guided on how to customize certain aspects of the Admin Panel.

Once the setup of the Admin Panel is complete, you can enter the command docker volume ls in the terminal to view all the volumes created by Docker. Among these volumes, there should be one that contains taxiassets in its name, typically named root_taxiassets. To obtain information about this volume, use the command docker inspect <name> and replace <name> with the actual name of the volume. This command will display detailed information about the volume, as shown below:

    "CreatedAt": "time",
    "Driver": "local",
    "Labels": {
        "com.docker.compose.project": "root",
        "com.docker.compose.volume": "taxiassets"
    "Mountpoint": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/root_taxiassets/_data",
    "Name": "root_taxiassets",
    "Options": null,
    "Scope": "local"

The mountpoint refers to the location where the CMS assets, such as translation files, are stored. Within this directory, you can find the translation files located under the i18n folder. These translation files contain the branding texts of the CMS, which you can update as per your requirements.

"branding": {
    "menu": {
        "header": "Ridy"
    "footer": {
        "address": "",
        "prefix": "Š 2018-2020",
        "title": "",
        "suffix": "All Rights Reserved."
    "page": {
        "title": "Ridy CMS"

In this folder, you can also find assets such as the logo used in the Admin Panel.

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