Show Directions

For rider apps to show the directions from pickup point to destination(s) in the Order Preview screen (The page that rider chooses the service) you have to enable the flag on the server side.

First, make sure the API key you have provided during the installation of the server side and in the Backend Maps API Key has the Directions API enabled.

Beware the docker-compose.yaml file structure integrity is very important for docker to be able to read it. This format is sensitive to spaces too. So edit with care and in case of docker couldn't read it you can download the file again from our server.

Then on your server open the docker-compose.yaml file and find the branch named taxi-rider-api. Under this branch's environment sub-branch add a variable named SHOW_DIRECTIONS and set the value to true. Like this (See line 13):

    image: ridyio/ridy-rider-api
    restart: always
      - "mysql"
      - "redis"
      - "taxi-admin-api"
      - ./img:/app/uploads
      - ./config-new:/app/config
      - MYSQL_HOST=mysql
      - SHOW_DIRECTIONS=true
      - REDIS_HOST=redis

Once this change is applied and saved run a docker-compose up -d command so docker-compose would apply the changes to the updated services automatically. Now your apps should show directions on new orders from this point on.

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