Admin Panel

For Admin Panel installation this documentation took you through an easy & precompiled installation mode. However, this doesn't tie your hand with customization of what most customers require. Below you will be guided on how to customize some aspects of the Admin Panel.
After Admin panel setup is done enter docker volume ls to see all the volumes docker has created. There is one volume that has taxiassets in it. It is usually root_taxiassets. Enter command docker inspect <name> (Replace <name> in command with the actual name). This command would show information about the volume. Like below:
"CreatedAt": "time",
"Driver": "local",
"Labels": {
"com.docker.compose.project": "root",
"com.docker.compose.volume": "taxiassets"
"Mountpoint": "/var/lib/docker/volumes/root_taxiassets/_data",
"Name": "root_taxiassets",
"Options": null,
"Scope": "local"
Mountpoint is the location of CMS assets such as translation files. Translation files are in this directory under i18n folder. For example, these are the branding texts of CMS which you can update accordingly.
"branding": {
"menu": {
"header": "Ridy"
"footer": {
"address": "",
"prefix": "© 2018-2020",
"title": "",
"suffix": "All Rights Reserved."
"page": {
"title": "Ridy CMS"
In this folder, you will also find assets such as the logo used in the Admin Panel.