Map Provider

The app out of the max supports some well-known map providers. Meaning you can switch between different map providers before compilation by updating a variable's value. You can find this variable in libs/client-shared/lib/config.dart file.
MapProvider mapProvider = MapProvider.mapBox;
enum MapProvider { openStreetMap, googleMap, mapBox }
// MapBox Configuration (Only if Map Provider is set to mapBox)
String mapBoxAccessToken = "";

Open Street Maps

A completely free map provider backed by an open-source community. By default, the package downloaded from Codecanyon is set to this provider. It is zero configuration and ready to use out of the box.

Google Maps

Using Google Maps would require certain configuration steps on both Android and iOS source code in addition to setting the mapProvider variable's value to MapProvider.googleMap. Please refer to Google's official documentation on how to config the mobile apps with the API key. You will see placeholders in the code to match Google's documentation.
Using Google Maps will drop desktop and web support as those platforms are not officially supported by Google Maps yet. In addition to that Google Maps can make the app performance drop to some degree compared to other solutions provided. We recommend using Mapbox if the customizability of Google Maps is desired to get a better performance and Desktop/Web support.


Mapbox is the map provider used in the demo app. If you change the mapProvider value to MapProvider.mapBox make sure the mapBoxAccessToken variable's value is also set to the Access Token API key you have retrieved from your MapBox developer panel.